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Madeleine and Daniel - Madeleine McKinlay Art
Madeleine and Daniel - Madeleine McKinlay Art

Creating beautifully distinctive artworks is just one part of the Madeleine McKinlay Art story. It takes a team to source the best materials, capture and share the artworks in all their glory and get them on as many walls as possible for people to appreciate for years to come.

Madeleine McKinlay Art is owned and run by Madeleine and her husband Daniel in Brisbane, Australia. Madeleine is the artist who creates all of our bold and distinctive artworks. With every brightly coloured stroke and meticulous detail, Madeleine's heart and soul are poured into each painting. Daniel keeps the wheels turning in the background so Madeleine can focus on creating more inspirational artwork.

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We exist to add colour and feeling to your life.

We value boldness, connection and excellence.

We want to fill your life with art that inspires happiness. When colour, love, and positivity ooze from a piece of art, it flows into your world and makes a tangible difference, not just to how you feel, but to the way you live your life. Live lighter, brighter, and happier surrounded by the right art.