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Madeleine McKinlay Art prints on table - Madeleine McKinlay Art
Frenchman's 2 above sideboard - Madeleine McKinlay Art
Madeleine McKinlay Art hung in house - Madeleine McKinlay Art

We exist to add colour and feeling to your life

The path to inspired happiness in your home is easy

Madeleine sitting in front of Sing a Rainbow 2 - Madeleine McKinlay Art

There is no need to live without colour and feeling

It can be hard to escape the distractions of a hectic life, yet so many people go home to a dull and uninspiring space. With distinctive artwork from Madeleine McKinlay Art you’ll feel happy, inspired and house proud.

At Madeleine McKinlay Art we know that you want to be a proud homeowner with interiors that not only complement your sophisticated style but bring inspiration, colour, and happiness into your home.

To do that, you need to add distinctive artwork to your interiors. The problem is, too often you feel flat and uninspired in your own living spaces when your home should feel like an escape from the hectic pace of life and its distractions. We believe you deserve art that evokes positive emotions and makes you feel connected. 

Madeleine understands what it’s like to feel uninspired and numb, so she has made it her mission to create art that will change that.

With every brightly coloured stroke and meticulous detail, her heart and soul are poured into each painting. Colour, love, and positivity ooze from these distinctive pieces so that you can be confident that any space lucky enough to be adorned with her art is filled with positivity, connection, and hope.