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Madeleine McKinlay with flowering laughing - Madeleine McKinlay Art
Madeleine with flowers - Madeleine McKinlay Art

Madeleine’s creative inspiration

From an early age, Madeleine was heavily influenced by her mother Erin McKinlay. Erin painted throughout her life, including as a release during her husband's battle with cancer. Dr John McKinlay passed away following a long battle with cancer, which left a large hole for Erin and her five young children.

Love, joy and family have always been intertwined in Madeleine’s relationship with painting and the pieces she has created.

Madeleine was always drawn to bright, bold colours as they made her happy during times of hardship in the earlier years of her life. Her passion for colour has grown from there.

Madeleine sketching in garden - Madeleine McKinlay Art
Madeleine McKinlay painting in studio - Madeleine McKinlay Art

Why Madeleine paints

Painting brings Madeleine a sense of calm, balance and flow.

This helped her during the transition from a corporate career to motherhood, through pregnancy, during her mother’s illness – including a cancer diagnosis and treatment over a number of years.

Since the passing of her mother in 2019, and the unexpected and devastating loss of a much loved sister Anna McKinlay in 2021, Madeleine has felt a connection to them both through painting and has immersed herself in producing more artworks. As you can no doubt see she pours the love she has for her family and close friends, and the emotions she feels into each unique work.